August 23

What Businesses Need To Know About The Dark Web – Cyber Threat Intelligence

The ‘Dark Web’ is a subset of the ‘Deep Web’.

The dark web is made up of sites that are not indexed by search engines and are only accessible through specialty networks such as The Onion Router (ToR). Often, the dark web is used by cybercriminals who want to remain anonymous. 

Research conducted in 2015 by King’s College in London with the help of researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid – shows that over 57% of the 2,723 ‘live dark web sites’ host illegal materials. 

Fast forward to 2019, research conducted by Dr Michael McGuires of the University of Surrey showed that since 2016, the number of dark web listings that could be bad to business had increased by 20%.  Furthermore, 60% of all listings could potentially harm enterprises.

The dark web is like an online shopping mall of illicit things. 

Bad Actors ‘Hackers’ operate on the dark web and trade in the buying and selling of items including:

  • Credentials – email addresses, passwords, personal information,
  • Credit card numbers, 
  • Counterfeit currencies, 
  • Firearms, and
  • Various types of drugs.

As our thirst for technology grows, so does our cyber risk.

How hackers are targeting businesses. 

Hackers leverage the dark web to create multiple ecosystems where they can buy and sell credentials – contact information: name, emails, phone numbers, passwords, credit cards, etc. 

Even the best cyber security defences can easily be breached. How? By ‘Trusted’ staff, client and supplier emails.

Corporations such as Yahoo, Alibaba, LinkedIn, Facebook, Marriott, Domino’s Pizza, and even some entities from the Australian government have all been victimised by breaches and data exposure.

How a simple email resulted in a $1.5 million ransom. 

Small to Medium Businesses are not safe from cyber threats. For example, a Queensland business executive was recently held for $1.5 million ransom after an employee opened a simple email.

It’s no secret that many people use the same credentials (usernames and passwords) across various channels – including the workplace. Hackers leverage business credentials, phishing and spear-phishing campaigns to infiltrate businesses.

In this case, bad actors infiltrated the businesses network via an email that looked like a message from a company partner.

The breach allowed the bad actors, hackers to access, encrypt and copy over 160,000 files and systems, including word documents and spreadsheets.

This is why businesses small and large are investing in cyber intelligence solutions, like CRINTEL to act as a double-check for their cybersecurity teams.

CRINTEL helps SMEs deal with the dangers of the Dark Web

CRINTEL – Cyber Risk Intelligence is a Private Intelligence Agency (PIA) that specialises in Cyber Threat and Risk Intelligence originating from the Dark Web. 

We work as a co-managed solution to support and provide your internal team and external IT cybersecurity advisors with 24/7 live monitoring of the dark web.

Our Threat Intelligence Units (TIUs) monitor your business domain, email addresses and key suppliers – looking for exposed credentials that we can find about your business and suppliers – that are up for sale on the dark web. 

Our enterprise-level cyber intelligence systems, used by Fortune 500 companies, are supported by human operatives and collect live dynamic data that is scanned or sourced from live dark web forums leveraging multiple sources in real-time 24/7, 365 days per year.

Are your business credentials up for sale on the dark web? 

Dark Web Monitoring

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NOTE: CRINTEL uses a mixture of verified and unverified information from third-party sources for blogs and social media posts. As CRINTEL cannot guarantee the information is 100% accurate, please do not rely on this information to make decisions. If you wish to rely on this information, please do your research to verify if the information is accurate.

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